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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MHS?

Founded in 1791, MHS是美国第一个历史学会,也是美国历史上最伟大的资料库之一, life, and culture. 我们提供历史资源,帮助人们在想象未来的同时了解他们的过去.

  • What is your organization’s mission?
    • 通过收集和交流促进历史知识的材料和资源,促进对马萨诸塞和美国历史的了解.
  • Who runs the organization?
    • The MHS President, employed by the Board of Trustees, 执行理事所订定的本会政策,并监督本会的运作及财政管理.
  • Is your organization a 501(c)(3)?
    • 马萨诸塞州历史协会是一个501(C)(3)非营利组织,在美国注册在EIN: 04-2103597. The MHS Tax ID is 042108374.

How do I contact someone at the MHS?

Where are you located?

1154 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02215 (view map /link to directions)

What is the history of the building?

MHS位于波士顿芬威球场的国家历史地标建筑内. 它由Edmund March Wheelwright设计,于1899年开放. 原来的建筑在1948年进行了扩建,1970年又进行了一次扩建. 建筑系统和办公室于2004年翻新.

Is the building accessible?

Yes, the building is accessible.

Do you offer tours of the MHS?

View our calendar of events 参观协会的历史建筑.

  • Can I bring a group?
  • Can I bring a student group/school class?



What are your hours and admission costs?

Library Hours: Monday, and Wednesday through Friday, from 10:00 AM to 4:45 PM; Tuesday from 10:00 AM to 7:45 PM; Saturday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Please visit our Appointment Request Form to select your preferred visit dates.

Exhibition Hours: Monday, and Wednesday through Friday, from 10:00 AM to 4:45 PM; Tuesday from 10:00 AM to 7:45 PM; Saturday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. 请注意,展览观众最后一次入场时间为闭馆前45分钟.

Admission: Free and open to the public. All ages are welcome in the galleries; library readers must be 16 years of age or accompanied by an adult.

When was the MHS founded?

On 24 January 1791, 杰里米·贝尔纳普牧师邀请了九名志同道合的波士顿人与他一起创建了他们称之为“简单”的东西, "The Historical Society," now the Massachusetts Historical Society, 美国最古老的组织,致力于收集研究美国历史的材料.

How can I get involved?

Become a Member! Learn more at

Are you interested in working at the MHS? Visit to learn about open positions.

Internship inquiries can be sent to

Why should I support the MHS?

Our work to collect, preserve, 只有社区成员不断慷慨解囊,服务社区才有可能. 我们仍然致力于成为一个了解过去的论坛——包括大图和小时刻——这样我们就能欣赏人类经历的范围,并对我们的未来做出明智的决定.

In the complex world we live in today, MHS必须在定义什么是与历史互动方面发挥积极作用. Programs, educational workshops, 展览只是MHS与公众互动的方式之一, promotes the relevance of history, 并有助于提高对公民学在公共生活中的作用的理解.

你的天赋将直接影响我们分享故事的努力, people, 过去的经验使人们能够批判性地思考,并在今天做出明智的决定.

How can I make a donation to the MHS?

What is your tax ID number?

The MHS Tax ID is 042108374.


Gifts to the MHS Fund 让我们继续履行我们的使命,通过收集和传播促进历史知识的材料和资源,促进对马萨诸塞和国家历史的了解. 捐款还支持特别项目,包括展览和出版物.

Where can I find your financial documents?

Please visit MHS年度报告,财务报表,马萨诸塞州表格PC和联邦表格990.

Where can I find MHS publications?

Learn more about MHS publications at

Harvard University Press
79 Garden Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

How can I do research in the collection?

The MHS Library is free and open to the public. 请注意,任何想要进入图书馆的人必须完成我们的注册程序. Learn more about using our library.

How can I attend an event?

View our calendar of events at If you missed a program, would like to revisit the material presented, or are interested in viewing past programs, visit

Do you have membership?

How do I apply for a job at the MHS?

Please visit to learn about open positions.

Does the MHS offer internships?

Please send internship inquiries to

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